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Home is a sacred place. It is a space where we feel safe and protected – and we want to know that our home is protected too.  A part of that security is knowing your insurance company will respond and provide coverage if something unforeseen happens to your house, condo, apartment, cottage or secondary home.  Whether it’s your personal property and contents, electronics, or other valued possessions, we can help protect the things that matter to you.

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We will find the best home insurance coverage options and discounts for you, and since our brokers don’t work on commission, you will never be offered coverage that you don’t need.

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Home Insurance Discounts

Discounts differ by insurance company. We would be happy to provide a more complete explanation of these discounts over the phone so we can place you with the best package. Below is just a quick list for you to review and ask us about:

  • Multi-Line Discount (insure both your home and auto with us)
  • New Home Discount
  • Mortgage-Free Discount
  • Claims-Free Discount
  • Loyalty Discount
  • Monitored/Local Alarm Discount
  • Mature Citizen Discount

Keep us informed

Given that home insurance premiums are influenced by a number of factors, we recommend you call us to review your policy if your situation changes. You may qualify for a lower rate if, for example, you pay off your mortgage or add an alarm system.

Home Insurance Options

Protect your most valuable possession — your identity. Add this coverage to your property insurance policy and receive the following protection:

  • Increased coverage for your credit card / automated teller card
  • Coverage for identity theft (for costs such as legal fees, registered mail costs, long-distance telephone charges and lost wages)
  • Access to a credit-card registry hotline notification service to block card use
  • Access to assistance from qualified professionals via a legal assistance helpline

We live in a very litigious world. If you are concerned that you may not have enough liability coverage, consider protecting yourself and your family by purchasing personal umbrella coverage and receive the following:

  • Increased liability limits (to a maximum of $5 million)
  • Additional coverage for automobiles driven outside of Canada or the U.S.
  • Coverage for your involvement as a director or officer of a non-profit group
  • Extra protection, in case of a lawsuit

Let us help you decide if enhanced liability coverage is right for you.

If you run a home business or have a hobby, you may need additional insurance coverage not included in your property insurance policy. Home Business Protection offers coverage for:

  • Theft or vandalism to business contents such as stock, tools and equipment, exterior signs and landscaping
  • Business income, accounts receivable, valuable papers and records, and professional fees
  • Commercial general liability covering products and your completed operations

We recognize that certain items or situations require more specialized coverage. At TW, we have a dedicated team to help you find protection for:

  • Watercraft, boats, Seadoos™, personal watercraft and their trailers
  • Short-term contents storage
  • Vacant homes
  • Buildings under construction
  • Special event requirements such as a liquor licence and hole-in-one coverage for golf tournaments

Request a home insurance quote online or call us at 1-800-272-5688.

Home rates can vary significantly by insurance company. As a broker, we are able to shop numerous insurance companies for you to find the best price and coverage.

Home insurance rates are affected by:

Where you live can greatly influence your rates. City residences usually provide better fire protection but may also bring higher break-and-enter or vandalism exposures. Specific factors include:

  • Distance from your home to the nearest fire hydrant
  • Distance to the nearest fire hall and whether it employs full-time or part-time firefighters
  • If you live in a Metropolitan area

The construction of your house also influences your rates such as:

  • The number of storeys
  • The use of auxiliary heating, such as a wood stove
  • Age of the building
  • Upgrades to wiring, heating, plumbing and roof
  • Whether you live in a detached dwelling, small apartment, high-rise apartment or townhouse
  • The number of families living in the dwelling
  • Protective devices like dead-bolt locks, alarms and smoke detectors
  • The cost to replace your home and contents in the event of a loss

Most companies offer additional coverage options, giving you the ability to customize your policy. Purchasing additional coverage can help to fill in the gaps, increase limits, and provide you with even more protection. Typical options include:

  • Increased liability limit
  • Liability extension to other properties or exposures
  • Personal Umbrella Liability
  • Rental income replacement in case a rental property is un-rentable due to a covered loss
  • Earthquake coverage
  • Home-based business extension
  • Burglary / vandalism (optional purchase at a seasonal dwelling)
  • Sewer back-up coverage

Service lines are typically not covered by standard home insurance policies. For example, if a pipe bursts or is blocked by tree roots, you’d have insurance to pay for the cost to dig up your yard, make repairs and then replace your landscaping. For $30 a year* you can have these costs covered:

  • Coverage limit of $10,000 to cover the costs associated with repairs to underground pipes and wiring from city property lines to your house when damage occurs on your property
  • Coverage for repair or replacement of damaged service line, excavation costs, loss of use coverage for additional living expenses and outdoor property damaged by repairs
*Through Aviva Insurance/Traders General Insurance. Available to eligible residential property insurance policyholders, this coverage was automatically added to your property insurance policy on March 20, 2018, at no additional charge until your next renewal. For renewals starting May 1, 2018, the coverage will be automatically added to your policy for an annual premium of $30. Please call your Broker if you wish to discontinue this coverage.

This is the portion of a claim that you are responsible for. Typically, the higher the deductible, the lower your premium. Deductibles usually range from $500 to $5,000.

Request a home insurance quote online or call us at 1-800-272-5688.