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4 ways to help prevent a house fire

4 ways to help prevent a house fire

Fire-related home insurance claims are on the rise! Whether working remotely, helping kids with online classes or simply following provincial guidelines, Ontarians are spending more time in their homes. With more people spending time at home, there has been a surge in residential fires during the pandemic. 

Statistics show that residential fires related to cooking or smoking increased by 333% between March and May 2020.1 Keep yourself, your family and your home safe this summer by reviewing these common causes of home fires and prevention tips.

1.      Check your safety equipment

Maintaining your smoke alarm system is a simple way to minimize risk.  Check all smoke alarms monthly. For a more detailed explanation on smoke alarm maintenance, review these tips from the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs.  

If you have a fire extinguisher in your home, ensure that it is always refilled after every use. Fire protection experts recommend that you have three extinguishers – one for the kitchen, one for the basement and one for the garage.2 A multi-purpose dry chemical extinguisher labelled ABC puts out most types of fires, including wood, paper, cloth, flammable liquid and electrical fires.  

2.      Beware of flammable soil and mulch

Are you an avid gardener? Potting soil can be highly flammable under dry conditions.3 Water your plants regularly to maintain optimal moisture levels — and to help keep them alive! Also consider using clay pots for your potted plants, as they tend to contain fires more effectively. You should store unused soil away from combustible materials like old newspapers and cleaning products. For the exterior of your home, mulch can also be very flammable. To prevent a fire from starting, avoid spreading the mulch in large clumps and water it along with your plants.

3.      Be proactive with home maintenance

Often, house fires are started by little sparks that could have been prevented. Be proactive and ask yourself, “Could a fire start from this situation?”

A man uses a sponge and soap to clean the inside of an oven.Here are a few ways you can be proactive with your home maintenance and prevent fires:

4.       Practice safe cooking habits

Perhaps you’re cooking at home more often and getting in tune with your inner chef. Safe cooking starts even before the oven or barbecue are turned on. 

Try to practice these safe cooking habits:

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