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June 2018

Don’t get “wheeled” into a staged car accident

Auto Insurance fraud is on the rise in Alberta; as a result, drivers are paying higher insurance premiums.

Avoiding an accident is among the highest priorities for most drivers, but for fraudsters, an accident is the goal. These scams can take place in many ways, including: staged accidents, false claim details and fraudulent accident and claim reports.

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  Which renovations increase property value and which ones don't

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Mythbuster: Tenant insurance: A must or a bust?

Myth: There’s no need to purchase tenant insurance because my landlord’s policy will cover me.

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Mythbuster:  Wavering on that extra waiver offered by the rental car company?

5 budget-friendly ways to bring your garden back to life

Nothing says spring like sitting in your yard on a sunny day admiring the delightful colours and fragrances of blossoming garden flowers.

But after a long (long) winter, is your garden in need of some serious TLC?

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Physical Activity and Cancer Prevention

Small ship cruising, a unique travel adventure

Small ship cruising in both speciality and expedition style cruising has become increasingly popular for those seeking culturally immersive and nature-based travel options.

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