Small ship cruising - a unique travel adventure


Small ship cruising in both speciality and expedition style cruising has become increasingly popular for those seeking culturally immersive and nature-based travel options. Unlike larger cruise ships which have limited access to waterways and rivers due to their size, smaller ships have expanded their reach into areas previously unattainable to cruise passengers. In addition, these small ship cruises are creating a more intimate and personalized experience onboard, moving away from the feeling of being aboard a ‘floating hotel’.

Speciality/expedition cruise itineraries and onboard entertainment are developing in response to passengers seeking a more educational and experiential cruise. Passengers who want to really dig into the history and culture of a destination can opt for a cruise line like Voyages to Antiquity, which strives to maintain a unique experience for its passengers by putting a great focus on the history and culture of its destinations. Passengers take home an in-depth understanding of a region and the destination through learning about cultural traits, historical events, maritime moments, trade-routes and languages and how these factors have contributed to the modern-day in the destinations visited. As a result, the overall travel experience is more than just a cruise and sightseeing photos.

Onboard, entertainment consists of musical acts, in addition to the incredibly popular specialised lecture programs. Guest lecturers are experts in their field and tend to include authors, museum curators, archeologists, historians, professors and even composers! Based on the activities onboard, passengers tend to be a mature audience, intrepid and ready for an educated adventure.

A bonus feature for those single or solo travellers interested in cruising with Voyages to Antiquity is that there are single cabins and this mean there is no single supplement! 

Those with a great interest in nature-based travel and conservation can opt for a cruise line like Quark Expeditions, which is a leader in polar cruise expeditions and offers small ship cruising with a focus on sustainability and research. Passengers are guaranteed to see natural attractions and the local wildlife, from the ship as well as in zodiacs, while learning all the facts and figures with the assistance of glaciologists, environmentalists, marine biologists and other extremely qualified experts. Passengers can enjoy an intimate experience (with a capacity of approximately 200), socialising and dining with the staff and experts onboard.

Quark is not the only option for expedition cruising. Merit Travel partners with other established cruise lines like Adventure Canada, Hurtigruten, and Celebrity Cruise Galapagos and will work with you to ensure that your trip will match not only your budget and interests but also a unique experience customized just for you!

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