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Protect yourself from keyless auto thefts

Protect yourself from keyless auto thefts

Keyless entry is among the rising trends in the latest automotive technologies, providing a quick and responsive way to start your vehicle with one central device. With the rising incidents of theft, have you ever wondered if your vehicle is at risk?

According to Équité Association, a new organization formed from the investigative branch of the Insurance Bureau of Canada and CANATICS, about 80,000 vehicles were stolen in 2021. Typically with car thefts in the past, older and common vehicle models would generally be targeted, but the days of hotwiring may be at a close due to the resourcefulness of new age thieves. According to the Toronto Police Service, the majority of incidents focus around common Honda, Toyota and Lexus models that were cited to be from 2017-2021, something that wasn’t prevalent in car thefts even 5 years ago. Your insurer can likely inform you if your vehicle is a common target of theft.

Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology at a close proximity, key FOB signals are susceptible to being duplicated at a close distance, and with the use of an amplifying device it can be retrieved from the inside of your home. Thieves are able to amplify that signal from the outside of your property in order to gain access to your vehicle and hit the road – in comparison, stealing a car is likely easier to do than it has been in the past.

What can you do to protect yourself?
Fortunately, there are still some ways that you can protect yourself and your vehicle from theft even with these new advancements in theft technology.

What do to if your car is stolen

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